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The Art of Gardening
The Sculptural Garden Series
the Nature excels at combining BEAUTY and FUNCTION ... the textured green mosaic of leaves that convert sunlight to energy .. the delicate form and hue of blossoms that attract pollinators.  INSPIRED by nature, Heritage Farms offers Sculptural Gardens, a striking line of ornamental creations that combine VISUAL appeal with functional DESIGN.

These limited production items ENHANCE any setting, both indoors and out.  Placed in formal gardens and wild settings, they compliment what nature has already provided.  For patios and interior spaces, these DISTINCTIVE accents help create INVITING environments.

Create a theme for your entire yard or garden with matching birdbaths, ornamental stands, and a whole line of related items to come.


Our Products

Ornamental Stands
Ornamental stands hold a variety of decorative objects and compliment any garden
Ornamental Birdbaths
Ornamental birdbaths to complete your garden theme.
Bird Feeders
Accessories to hang inside Sculptural Gardens Ornamental Stands
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The Sculptural Garden Series
2018 Heritage Farms

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